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"Citizen Account" deposits 1.7 billion riyals to beneficiaries of the July payment

حساب المواطن

the Citizen Account Program deposited 1.7 billion riyals in allocations for the month of July for beneficiaries whose requests were completed, as the number of beneficiaries who met the eligibility criteria in the thirty-second installment reached about 10.7 million beneficiaries and continued, and the total compensation paid retroactively to the previous installment reached 18.6 million riyals, bringing the total of the payment The program for beneficiaries since its inception more than 76.8 billion riyals, including 521 million riyals in compensation for previous payments.

The spokesperson for the citizen's account program, Sultan Al-Qahtani, indicated that those who did not meet the eligibility requirement of independent individuals can object within a period of 90 days to prove their independence, by submitting one of the following proofs (a unified contract from the rental network - the property ownership deed - a scene of proving university housing or one of the institutes Or military colleges), provided that the document is in his name, as a prerequisite for ensuring eligibility.

And Ian that each independent individual is not qualified and has proof of his independence by uploading one of these documents on the program portal by visiting the link:, while the program allowed the possibility of benefiting unqualified independents who did not prove their independence to join the program by adding them as followers of the head of the family if he was a major beneficiary From the program, the Citizen Account Program is intended for an independent individual (unmarried individual “male or female” and includes “single, widowed and divorced” and has no dependents or dependents, and proof of the independence of the residence is required if he is 18 years of age or older).

And that 78% of the beneficiaries received support in this installment, and the average support for one family reached 930 riyals, while the number of heads of families reached 2.1 million head of household, constituting 95%, while the number of dependents reached more than 8.4 million beneficiaries, and the number of independents who met The eligibility criteria have more than 107,000 beneficiaries, constituting 5% of the total main beneficiaries.

The spokesperson for the Citizen Account Program stated that the percentage of heads of families reached 92%, while the heads of households reached 8%, while the percentage of independent females reached 30%, and the independent male form 70%, explaining that 86% of the total independents obtained the full benefit, while what happened 14% on partial and minimum benefit.