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Explain how to pay for government health insurance online in Kuwait

health insurance online in Kuwait

As everyone knows, the government recently launched a new website to pay for government online health insurance in Kuwait, all manual transactions will be suspended, and we'll explain below how to pay for government health insurance online.

Civil identification number: your civil identification number

  Select the individual

   Username: your name is in English

   Username: your Arabic name

  Mobile number: your 8-digit number

  Email ID: optional email ID

  Sex - Choose your generator

  Language: Choose English or Arabic

  Selection area: select your governorate where you have a civil card

  Then click Verify OTP.

You will receive a code on your mobile phone number

  • Receive a verification code on your mobile phone

Enter the verification code you received by SMS,

Once verified, you will receive the password, your username will be your civil identification

Enter the username and password you received on your mobile phone number


  • Once you are logged in, you will get the page below.

  • Pay the insurance

Category - Personal insurance

Accommodation type: you can choose the type of residence, such as the special visa 18 and 22 for the wife and children

Kuwaiti Ministry of Health
  • After determining the category and type of visa, you will be given the option to enter a civil card

Once you enter the civil number,

You will get all the details like the name of the sponsor, the civil identification number of the sponsor

Select a new or renewed insurance status, the passport expiration date, the number of years you want to renew and cover the start and payment date.