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Kuwaiti Insurance: Transferring more than one billion dinars to pensioners and unemployment


The Public Social Security Institution announced that it has started operating a pre-booking appointment system for auditors who wish to complete their transactions that are not available electronically through its official website, to receive them as of July 12; In the implementation of the plan for the gradual return.

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The Director General of the Foundation, Meshaal Abdulaziz, said in a statement Tuesday that the Foundation continues its work, and its insurance and electronic services and its investment, financial and administrative operations have not been stopped or interrupted since the beginning of the government agency suspension period to date.

He explained that the work of the volunteer teams that worked within the institution in all its sectors, in addition to the work teams that worked remotely, resulted in more than 224,000 transactions and the transfer of more than a billion Kuwaiti dinars to banks for pensioners and people entitled to contributions and unemployment.

Abdulaziz revealed that these teams also responded to more than 50 thousand inquiries from citizens through the Foundation's accounts on social networks and the telephone service.

He continued: "To facilitate citizens, many electronic services have been added to the Thakhr official website and application, as the number of electronic services provided was 12 services as of the previous date of March 12, and was increased to Currently 36 electronic services, and work is underway to provide more electronic services to be announced in the future. "

The Foundation indicated that it was willing to provide all necessary health precautions and measures to protect all its auditors and employees during the gradual return from work at the Foundation's headquarters with a production capacity of less than 30%.

He noted that he did not stop and still continues to implement his electronic services through his official website and Thakher's application, in addition to receiving inquiries through his accounts through social networks and the telephone service.

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