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Liverpool vs Aston Villa: Five things we have learned as heroes stutter in the best visitors

Liverpool vs Aston Villa

Liverpool hosted Aston Villa at Anfield on Sunday for the hero's first picnic since he surrendered to a resounding 4-0 loss to Manchester City.

The mediocre performance of the top of the English Premier League seemed to provide Villa with a critical point in their battle to survive, but Sadio Mane struck the visitors hard in the 71st minute when he hit a punch at the bottom of a bar. and a past past of Red Pepe Reina.

That moment opened up a much clearer level of performance than the new heroes in the final stages, and managed to get a second goal through substitute Curtis Jones in the closing seconds.

Here are five things we learned from Liverpool's 2-0 win over Aston Villa:

Klopp turns, not just his defense

There were no major changes to the Reds on Sunday, but club captain Jordan Henderson led the way against Napi Keita in the starting lineup, while Jorginho Wienerald and Roberto Firmino ruled in favor of Alex Oxlad-Chamberlain and Divock Origi.

Juergen Klopp put the rotation into the number of quick-fire combinations faced by every team in the league, and, to be fair, the changes don't appear to have been a reaction to how their players were defeated by City on Thursday. If that was the case, Klopp wouldn't have left his back streak unchanged like he did at Anfield to visit Villa.

Origi, Keita and Oxlade-Chamberlain were diligent on Sunday, but have not made that kind of offer indicating that they would prefer the players who replaced them in the coming weeks, even if Keita added a lot of help. In fact, the three players who were replaced at the same time arrived 60 minutes later, and Liverpool looked much better because of their arrival.

Liverpool gear grinding

This was by no means a poor performance for the newly crowned champions, but against a team far below the team they faced earlier this week, Liverpool was unable to make the expected statement.

Villa settled behind the ball with Jack Greleys, who was attacking Liverpool's midfield, the visiting captain trying to prepare counterattacks at every opportunity. While it was difficult for any team to break a desperate but disciplined team, the heroes were surprisingly direct in their attempts to open an opening in Villa's defense. They managed to fire just one shot at the target in the first hour of play, and their goal wasn't until they found a taller team.

Klopp tried to defend the position of his players after defeating City, but the fact that the situation was not the problem was not necessarily less important; Lack of material edge.

However, we are talking about only two formulas. While this point may be viewed as a choice, heroes will always come under increased scrutiny.

Soul, I'm only reaching you yet

When the league resumed last month, Aston Villa looked like they could defy the odds and break out of the relegation zone from 19th place in the table.

The draw with Sheffield United and Newcastle had strong enough results, while the narrow defeat against the talented Chelsea team was fully understood. More importantly, Smith's clergy appeared in the character on those outings and seemed to have the foundation to build, while rival colleagues West Ham and Bournemouth seemed so fragile that they could find a place anywhere.

While Bournemouth kept showing up terribly, West Ham was now 3-2 from the heart of Chelsea drawing with Newcastle to create a breathing space between them and the bottom three.

A desperate claret and blue team managed to add quality, at least to advance, to their efforts and energy, while the other team still seemed offensive. This difference between West Ham and Aston Villa may be the difference between staying and landing.

Grealish should start thinking about the next destination

Jack Greelish will not be the championship player next season, even if he is his current teammate.

The villa captain, who is still only 24 years old, has been associated with the possible movements of players like Manchester United and Tottenham. Truth be told, it's unlikely that it will dramatically change the chances of either team; However, United seems to find some harmony in the end for a long time and doesn't seem to need it, but it could be a powerful addition to a club like Everton or Wolverhampton.

Greylich is a competent and disciplined player with moments of inspiration, and has developed useful leadership skills at a relatively young age. To continue developing, you need to think about your most suitable destination, possibly below the top level.

It is not uncommon for a striker to have problems because they only tend to score in big games, rather than scoring against so-called "minnows" and fighting important games against higher teams. Either way, what an elite team needs is a striker they can count on, whether that player is their first choice.

A trustworthy is a word that can be applied to Timo Werner with a little hesitation, and for a time the German seemed sure to end up at Anfield. Instead, Chelsea will wear blue at Stamford Bridge next season, in what remains to be seen as a missed opportunity for Liverpool.

Liverpool must be strengthened in order for them to maintain their success, and with Werner taking over, there are not many clear and reliable alternatives when it comes to attackers.