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See PUBG Mobile New Update 0.19.0: Release Date, Maps and Complete Datails

سيزون 14 ببجي موبايل التحديث الجديد

The new update is coming soon and will introduce a ton of new content for Season 14.

A new PUBG Mobile update is coming before the start of Season 14, and we can't wait to test what awaits us.

Update 0.19.0 will bring a lot, so let's explore what we know so far!

Version 0.19.0 update

The new update will arrive 0.19.0 in 7 days.

It comes with a wealth of content to explore and conquer.

New map - Livik

Initially, PUBG Mobile will get an exclusive map!

Smaller map, it will only have 40 players per game.

New weapons

Two new weapons will come with the new map. Because it is smaller.
Parade  and aimed for quik 15 minute games the guns are the p90.

Armory Arena

New Evo-Ground mode, Armory Arena should be a busy game mode in the new update.

This five-by-five mode is an effective weapon game, with 18 weapons rotated by death.

A new map called the Library comes with Armory Arena.

Erangel 2.0?

Almost a year has passed since Erangel 2.0 arrived for PUBG gamers, but PUBG Mobile has yet to arrive.

In a recent interview, Tencent said the map is "finalized."

Its release date has not been confirmed, but we hope it will come with update 0.19.0.

New configuration

Update 0.19.0 will also bring the ability to enable or disable camera rotation while focusing on scenes.

There will be new colors for the multiplication effects as well.

Season 14 release date

While the update will arrive on July 7, this is not when season 14 begins.

Season 14 is expected to arrive on July 13. This is the day after season 13 ends.

How to download the update

You can choose to download the update manually or configure your phone for automatic downloads.

For ease of use, we recommend automatically switching to IOS and Android (make sure you don't use all of your data!)

The update will download and you should be able to go directly to the event!

PUBG Mobile Season 14: Release Date, Trailer, New Content, Royale Pass, Price, Livik, Map, Cosmetics, Leaks

We'll be getting more aesthetic updates and games soon for one of the world's biggest mobile games!

PUBG Mobile has become a great presence in mobile gaming.

We are not far from its last update.

Let's review what players should expect in Season 14.

Season 14 release date

Season 13 will officially end on July 12.

This also means that any progress on Royale Pass will stop and you will need to purchase the next one.

Definitely take your time while you can still unlock Season 13 rewards before Season 14!

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Rewards: Pass Royale, Challenges, New Coin AG and more

This will last 8 to 9 weeks and end in September, the time Season 15 will begin, once again bringing in new games and cosmetics, all in an exciting new theme!

New trailer for season 14

You can watch the exciting trailer below!

We can only hope that this trailer accurately represents what will come in Season 14, because it looks like a big step from my theme.

Summary of content for the new season 14

Season 14 will carry a new Royale Pass card with great cosmetics and a new theme to track these skins.

In addition, we will see the launch of other cosmetics along with the Royale Pass. This could be for anything from AK-47 to your favorite car.

In addition to cosmetic updates, we are likely to get a ton of new in-game changes.

New map - Livik

After PUBG Mobile released a few photos, each with a different character that seemed to create a dirt block, rumors of a map began.

It seems to have been confirmed!

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The new map, named Livik, will appear in-game soon, and we hope it arrives with an update 0.19.0 that is exclusive to PUBG Mobile.

With many new landscapes to explore its borders and be a crowded map upon arrival!

Update 0.19.0

Speaking of update 0.19.0, we now know when it will arrive.

The hot landing on July 7, the update will bring Livik along with a bunch of changes.

Season 14 Theme - Spark the Flame

Thanks to some creators like YT Classified, we know what the theme will be for the new season of PUBG Mobile. This topic is "Ignite the Flame" which we hope will call
sayasil altahdi.