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The best free games for iPhone 2020

Do you like iPhone games? Do you like free stuff? Excellent! As you will see in our summary report on the best free driving games, simulation sports, puzzles and archers, some of the best mobile gaming experiences cost nothing.

This function selects 5 free iPhone games that we consider the best. If you don't like free gift games after tackling these gems, ask for help (or pull out your wallet and check out our list of the best iOS games).

The best free games for iPhone

1. The battle of the polytopia

At the start of the Battle of Polytopia, you will find yourself in a small town, surrounded by strangers, with a warrior unit under your command. The game offers you 30 roles to explore other mini empires, investigate techniques, grow your civilization, locate it and ally with it or attack it.

Most of the game is based on strategy development, making the best use of limited resource allocations. Would hunting for hunting and the use of nearby (and delicious) wildlife be beneficial to this shift? Or is the smart move acquiring technology to form massive swords, which will then allow you to invade rival cities with joy?

In essence, then, this is Civilization in microcosm - a brilliantly crafted 4X gaming mobile phone (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) that sums up the real Civ games that have popped up on the iPhone. By limiting his role and finally giving him the result, the game also looks puzzling as he has to figure out how to improve his bet with very limited resources and time.

For the bloodthirsty gamers, there is also a "Mastery" mode, where you play until only one tribe remains. Whatever you play, it is an amazing feat, a lot of fun and the best free iPhone game.

For iPhone and iPad (general) | Download the Battle of Polytopia

2. Super Fowlst 2

The demons have crossed the barriers between worlds, but all the heroes of the movement are busy. Then it falls on the chicken to stop them all. (Hello Hollywood: Turns out, all the shooting ideas haven't been compromised yet!)

You are that chicken, in a game that is a mixture of Flappy Bird madness, procedural maze levels, cliche movement, coin collecting and many sinister creatures that make you forget.

The controls are simple: touch the left or right of the screen to shine in this direction. The trick is in time, corrected until they collide with the enemy instead of their fiery demonic breaths. Fortunately, there are things to help you: the power boosters that were activated by sliding up; Chicken updates between games like the rockets you shoot from below; Sometimes mechanical suits, with which you can put everything pompous.

The latter is especially useful when it comes to boss battles that permeate the game. Initially, you will smile at the absurdity of fighting enemies like the delicate avocado that throws its brother (the stone) on your way, before you realize how quickly they can crush you against the steak.

Everything is cool - a cool part of arcade games for iPhone, cleverly updated on the touch screen.

For iPad and iPhone (Global) Download Super Fowlst 2

3. pigeon wings strik

Evil minions have dominated the city, and only pigeons on the biplane can save us. This is what the budget cuts get. Fortunately, the pilots are businessmen, sweating through buildings, subways, tunnels, flying drones, and flying fortresses in small chunks. At least, when you don't fly against the walls. And that happens often ...

Yes, the Pigeon Wings Strike has a firmly planted beak in the 'Endless Fast Arcade Game' area. You're going crazy fast, shaking your iPhone up and down to adjust the height, grabbing the left of the screen to hold the throttle, stimulating the right to increase when you slide into the other bathroom, or unleashing the death of the laser at face opponents.

The tilt controls are absolutely perfect as they are tilt controls that are a type of shock. But this is a free game on the already confirmed pigeon wings, so no one should expect anything different.

The only downside is the one-touch memo set, but that really doesn't matter when it's as cool as this one. And as an added bonus, do a good job and you will be able to unlock all kinds of creatures for your ban: Happy Frog. Skunk strange speed. Rabbit encourages nearby pigeons to shoot. How can you say no?

For iPad and iPhone (Global) Download Pigeon Wings Strike

4. Disc Drivin 2

When you imagine a racing game, role play is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But the Disc Drivin 2 mash pays the fee for future races like Wipeout, which creates something compelling rather than ironic.

Well, it's kind of silly, but more importantly, the game is a lot of fun. You can select a track, start a race against a randomly chosen online opponent, and click the small disc onwards. Your goal is to hit the acceleration pads and build reinforcement, and not finish pushing the puck into or through the chasm.

Of course, as with the traditional race fee, a solid understanding of the slopes helps. Fortunately, you can spend as much time as you like in speedrun mode, dominate each turn, and stay in memory jump and trap locations. But the real racing bits are pleasantly unique, with a mix of billiard shots, speed, and split seconds.

With 15 tracks, up to ten online races on the go, and a host of unrecoverable things to collect, the Drivin '2 album should keep you playing for months. Furthermore, he describes himself as the best iPhone contestant for free, despite the elimination of many such deals he hopes for.

For iPhone and iPad (general) | Download Disk Drivin 2

5. Data wing

Data Wing's first impressions are basically "This top-down runner is very nice." Steer a small triangular spacecraft around a small path, fighting against inertia similar to the control of the spacecraft in classic asteroids. But, unusually, your ship doesn't explode when it hits something; Instead, Data Wing encourages him to rectify the edges of the road for reinforcement, which sometimes causes him to jump at illogical speeds.

If that's all you have, the Data Wing will still be impressive, but this game is much more than just a race car driver. Sure, there are time trials and races where you must reach checkpoints before time runs out and skirmishes against opponents. But some levels reverse the game and fight gravity. In these adventurous little missions, you explore caves, find keys and discover how to use the environment to climb to a remote exit, and very strong.

Throughout all of this, there is narration displayed on the placement screen, which includes his work as a "data set," working for the mother, artificial intelligence at the heart of the device. This becomes as engaging as arcade action, drowns in hacking, and gives you glimpses of life off-screen.

On paper, it's a weird mix that probably won't work, but it does. In summary, Data Wing is a classic version of iOS not to be missed.

IAP: the data wing does not contain any IAP or advertisement, it is completely free. General agreement? We believe so.

For iPhone and iPad (general) | Download Data Wing