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The "Fares system" allows inquiries about the salary scale of teachers

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The Ministry of Education has made it possible for all educational job-holders to consult on their employment status, through the "Fares system", after completing the housing process for more than 520,000 educational job holders in the new salary scale, then a series of operations related to the Ministry's human resources, public education, and school affairs And digital transformation Fares System.

It is possible to enter the self-service system in the "Fares system" through the following link (here) and enter personal data to know the work status of teachers, their ranks, installments and salaries.

The list of educational jobs stipulated the conversion of the first, second and third levels to a rank (teacher / assistant teacher) and their number (61,020), and those that occupied the fourth and fifth levels to the rank of (practicing teacher). No. (435,219), as well as the transfer of duties from the current educational supervisor prior to the date of 4/19/1441 AH, and he was from the fifth or fourth degree to the rank of (advanced teacher) and numbered. (17382), and the sixth level with a master’s or doctorate degree occupied a scholarship or scholarship prior to the date of 4/19/1441 AH or was appointed at this level to the degree of (advanced teacher) and their children. No. (11,489).

Teachers will be absorbed into the new salary scale with a salary equal to or greater than the previous salary to ensure that the salary is not reduced; As confirmed by the list of educational work.

It is worth noting the list of educational tasks, transforming the teacher's job into a profession, improving performance efficiency, improving learning outcomes, and providing a competitive educational environment. The location of existing teachers is also dependent on the new stairs. Based on grade, level, grade, base salary, and gradient and upgrade requirements specifications

It is worth noting that the new regulation is distinguished by the fact that the process of promoting the teacher from the rank of a practicing teacher to a higher level does not require the presence of a vacant position, but it is done in the same way. The job number, and also includes the professional standards for the promotion of the teacher to the highest rank based on merit, efficiency and commitment to work, to achieve the principle of fairness in granting incentives and incitement of education operators to compete and excel, and also included the development of leadership cadres in schools on the basis of professionalism and quality, and the application of quality standards to their performance, Encouraging enrollment in professional development programs, adding financial incentives and benefits to leadership and supervisory positions in schools.