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The insurance companies initiative to grant a discount in the framework of the "Security Receive" campaign

najm for insurance services

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency "Sama" valued the initiative of the Saudi insurance companies to grant a discount within the framework of the "Secure Receipt" campaign for all insured persons in compulsory vehicle insurance documents for individuals "against others" by (10%), and comprehensive vehicle insurance policies for individuals by ( 15%), for insurance policies that are purchased or renewed within sixty days, starting from 07/09/2020 until 06/09/220.

According to WAS, this initiative comes To encourage citizens and residents to obtain vehicle insurance coverage, and in line with the traffic safety awareness campaign in its second phase under the slogan "#Secure_Transfer", with the participation of the General Traffic Department and Najm Insurance Services Company, in cooperation with insurance companies.
The new discount shall be granted in addition to the current deductions in accordance with the instructions of the Monetary Agency; And they are; The deduction of the absence of insurance claims, which amounts to (50%) in the case of compulsory insurance, and (60%) in the case of comprehensive insurance, and the loyalty deduction that companies provide to their customers if the documents are renewed with them at a rate of (10%).

This period is characterized by providing an opportunity for the insured to receive three discounts; Provided that they purchase insurance policies during the specified period, and that the remaining conditions of the other two deductions apply to them, as the total rebates may reach (80%). This initiative is part of the efforts of insurance companies; To enhance societal awareness of the importance of obtaining insurance coverage to face risks, and the belief of these companies in their social duty.