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Top 5 PC Games in 2020

Top 5 PC Games
  • Some of the best games available for the computer are often overlooked due to a variety of factors, but they are great games.
  • These games have not received the recognition they deserve, but are now available at very low prices on Steam.

Computer games are the most superior platform for playing games. This is mainly due to the fact that each individual component of the computer can be customized to suit your purposes.

Steam has established itself as the best market for PC games.

The games on this list are very good and you didn't get the level of recognition you deserve. It is available at relatively low prices on Steam, making it essential.

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5 simplified Steam games available at low prices

1- DmC Devil May Cry

The game that had the ambition to reinvent the entire franchise was criticized by the public for completely reinventing Dante and his character.

Appearance wasn't the only problem fans faced as Dante's character infuriated the game's loyal fan base. However, a deeper look at the game reveals a much more accurate story than is apparent.

The 2013 reboot, DmC Devil May Cry, is one of the best in franchising, and one that hasn't received the praise it deserves. It is without a doubt one of the most underrated games of the last decade.

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2- Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Before Epic Games and People Can Fly continued to create the Fortnite gaming phenomenon, they worked on Bulletstorm.

Gun Blast In Game Face, Bulletstorm has nothing on the design side of the game. Weapons and ammunition abound, and a focus on 'Kill With Skill' makes for a unique FPS game.

The goal is not just to kill enemies, but to do it in style. Falling becomes one of the most important gameplay mechanisms and is infinitely fun.

A raunchy adventure in space, Bulletstorm deserves more praise than it received during its launch time.

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3- Watch dogs 2

It's surprising to see Ubisoft on the list, since most of its games are of great interest to game fans. However, Watch Dogs 2 was ignored due to the original Watch Dogs flaws.

However, the sequel improves on all aspects of the original and offers a fascinating adventure to the open-world piracy base that fans originally wanted.

It is now priced very low, and you are not thinking about fans of this genre.

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4- my friend Pedro

One of the best indie games that has emerged in recent years, My Friend Pedro is as stylish as it is fun. The game is the answer to the demands of John Wick game fans.

My friend Perdo offers what could have been the most enjoyable shooting experience of the last decade and a much ignored game.

Combined with an impeccable soundtrack, My Friend Pedro is an unforgettable experience.

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5- Special operations: the line

Specific operations: the line appears again and again in menus that talk about games with the best stories and stories. These are real in-game storytelling lessons and an unmatched experience.

There are many compliments that can be directed towards Spec Ops: The Line. Many game fans dismissed the game by dismissing it as another general military shooter.

However, the game is much more accurate than any other game in this genre and is simply one of the best games ever.

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