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Private health insurance for families

Many serious illnesses can be prevented if caught early, so offering private healthcare to your family is often a worthwhile investment. But this insurance policy will only pay off if it fits your family's needs, and you want to make sure you don't pay more than necessary.

In this article, we look at why families get private health insurance, what it covers, how their children are affected, and much more.

What is family health insurance?

This is a type of private health insurance designed to cover your entire family. You can use it to get faster treatment and / or specific treatments for you and your loved ones, whose coverage you pay or pay for. It is designed to treat acute conditions (those that occur suddenly) rather than chronic conditions (persistent or long-term).

Why is it useful to have?

Family Health Coverage will provide special medical care for the entire family, ensuring that all members receive prompt, high-quality treatment when they need it. This type of coverage can provide you and your family with many more medical benefits and services than are available on the NHS. The waiting time for specialized treatment is greatly reduced and you will have access to a wide range of treatments and more comfortable practices or hospital stays.

Of course, getting private health coverage will add to your regular expenses, so you may want to speak with a financial advisor. They can take your financial situation into consideration and advise you on how to reduce costs, as well as find the most competitive offers available thanks to their access to the entire financial market.

What type of coverage is best for everyone in the family?

It depends on your personal circumstances, how much coverage you want, and how much you are willing to pay. You can choose basic, medium or comprehensive coverage, which we highlight in the following sections. Regardless of the level of coverage you choose, having a private health insurance policy for the entire family can make things simple as you will have one plan for everyone.

If you are unsure of the level of private health coverage you need, request a consultation to be taken to a trusted experienced insurance advisor for your case.

Basic cover

If you choose to have basic private health insurance coverage, the policy will generally cover inpatient treatment and costs for you and your family.

Medium coverage

With your average health insurance policy, you will not only get impatient treatment and costs, but you will also receive outpatient care.

Full coverage

For your complete peace of mind, a comprehensive health insurance policy can cover your family for inpatient and outpatient treatment, costs, and care, and generally covers additional treatments such as mental health support, acupuncture, chiropractic, and physical therapy.

Family Health Cash Plan

This can be a cheaper alternative option for private coverage. It generally gives you more limited health care options than regular insurance coverage and is designed to pay a lump sum for routine medical costs, such as a trip to the dentist.

How much does family health insurance cost?

It is difficult to estimate the "average cost" of a family, small or large. This is because many factors play a role, including:
  • Are you a single parent or do you want to include your partner?
  •  The ages of your family members
  • Everyone's medical history
  • If someone in your family smokes or drinks
  • The level of coverage you want
  • where you live
  • Your occupation: high risk?
  • Whether you want to pay yearly or monthly How much surplus to choose List of hospitals and clinics to which the insurance gives you access Either to add a hold option to your document. For example, choosing to get special coverage only if you can't get NHS treatment within 4 weeks.

The price will also vary depending on the health insurance company you choose, and each insurance company will price their policies differently based on the factors mentioned above. To get an idea of ​​how much a policy costs, it's best to shop around and contact an insurance expert across the market for a free chat.

However, for example, suppose a private health insurance policy for a young, non-smoking woman with no pre-existing medical conditions costs around £ 40 a month with an excess of £ 0. You are likely to add an older partner or child double the price of your policy, although your dependents under the age of 18 will not increase your policy as much.

For example, a couple can pay around £ 80 for a joint private health insurance policy, and children with no known medical conditions can cost £ 9 each. So a family of three can cost £ 89, a family of four costs £ 98, a family of five costs £ 107, and a family of six costs £ 116.

Does the cost vary based on the age of the child?

As a general rule, the younger your children, the cheaper private health insurance in the UK. However, once your child turns 18, her insurance will cost the same as an adult's.

Infants and young children can also be covered by a private health insurance plan, so you will feel comfortable knowing that your child will have quick access to a wide range of high-quality treatments and will not face potentially long waits for service. NHS.

How to get affordable family health insurance

To keep the costs of health coverage low for your family, compare offers and rates from all UK insurance companies.

Or, consult for independent and unbiased advice from an expert advisor who can help you get the right policy that meets all your needs.

The consultants we work with also specialize in reviewing any existing insurance policies you may need to have to help you find cost saving options.

Practical steps you can take to keep costs down

Here are some things you can do to help lower your insurance costs:
  • Define a policy that allows you to choose and choose the coverage you want
  •  Pay annually instead of monthly to keep costs down
  • Stop Smoking and Choose a Healthy Lifestyle - Premiums are lowered for people who prioritize their well-being.
  • Consider a cash plan instead of full insurance coverage
  • Ask your employer to get private health insurance - Some employers can get a private insurance deal that is cheaper than what is available to an individual.

Is there private health insurance just for children?

Yes, you can get individual insurance for each child. This can help your child access a wide range of treatment options and gain faster access to specialized services. Whether it's routine checkups or you want a more comprehensive and secure treatment diagnosis, there are great options for getting private health insurance for your child.

Each insurance company will offer a variety of private clinics and hospitals in the UK to choose from, so you will need to carefully check your policy options to make sure the choice suits your needs.

Most insurance companies don't cover emergency medical care or pre-existing conditions, but if you want to specifically insure your children in the event of an emergency, an insurance expert can help you find the best specialty deals on the market.

How much does private health insurance cost for a child?

The rate will vary from lender to lender, but one way to lower the monthly or annual costs of insuring your child is to choose a policy with a higher surplus.

A higher surplus increases the amount you are willing to pay out of pocket if you file a claim with lower monthly payments.

However, some insurance companies may charge you more if your child has pre-existing medical conditions, while others may only increase costs if you apply for coverage for these conditions.

Online insurance comparison tools can help you get a set of basic quotes for your children's insurance.

Special health coverage for a single parent family

Sometimes single-parent families are less likely to choose private health insurance, but making sure you are well cared for with health coverage can go a long way when you need it most.

The conditions for receiving private healthcare as a parent are generally the same for other families - you can choose from a wide range of policies, from hospital coverage to one that includes all the additions.

The initial cost of paying for glasses, dentists, any doctor, or special needs can be huge, but you can choose a policy that covers general treatment or supplemental coverage.

Focusing on the characteristics that matter most to you and matching them to your child's age and activities can put your family in a better position without the big surprise bills to deal with throughout the year.