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Steps to renew comprehensive or third-party auto insurance coverage only

Car insurance is one of the important things for everyone who has their own car, and more than that it is one of the basic conditions to renew the car form, as it cannot be renewed if there is no valid insurance in the car.

In addition to some other car-related service procedures, which you cannot perform without having valid car insurance, you need to renew car insurance annually or when the insurance you have has expired.

Steps to renew auto insurance

As a first option, you can renew the car insurance by referring to the same insurance company that you were underwritten with the previous insurance and requesting to renew the insurance, or renew it electronically through their website, as almost all insurance companies They have websites through which they provide their services and people can get insurance online.

Or you can renew insurance by negotiating with a new insurance company different from the old one by following the steps below:

Determine the type of insurance

There are two types of auto insurance, comprehensive insurance and third party insurance, and you must choose one of them, comprehensive insurance is for your car and the car of others and its owner, while insurance against others is only for others in case of accident, God forbid.

Comprehensive insurance is more expensive than third-party insurance and prices vary from company to company, as there are no fixed prices.

Choose an insurance company

After determining the type of insurance you want, you must select the insurance company you want to deal with, there are many insurance companies in the Kingdom, you can choose the one that suits you best, each company has its own rates and benefits, You can go to the official website of any of them and you will know what their prices are and what they offer from Benefits, offers and services, and after familiarizing yourself with that, you will know which company is the most suitable for you to obtain insurance for your car.

It is mentioned that there are some platforms and websites that offer you a comparison between the available insurers and a presentation of their prices and advantages of each one. Of course, after entering your car data and data and specifying the type of insurance you want, be it comprehensive insurance or only third-party insurance.

Get insurance

After finding the most suitable insurance company that you want to buy insurance for your car from, you can go to the website of the insurance company you chose, and from there you can buy the insurance and then print the insurance policy to get it directly .

As another option, you can personally go to the office of the insurance company of your choice and purchase insurance for your car in person instead of obtaining it online.

Auto insurance renewal costs

There are no fixed rates for insurance, whether it is comprehensive insurance or third party insurance, as prices vary from one company to another and, from time to time, some companies offer offers and discounts on the forms of insurance they have to your disposition at different times and occasions.

In addition to that, the type and shape of the car, its value, and the condition of its owner also contribute to determining the value of insurance, which means that there are many considerations that go into the price of car insurance.

These were the procedures to renew a car insurance, be it a comprehensive insurance or only a third party insurance, since we knew the procedures to obtain insurance and the necessary steps to do so. Where the presence of a valid insurance in the car is necessary to carry out many governmental procedures related to the car.