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Why Should I Get No-Medical-Exam Life Insurance?

You should consider purchasing life insurance without a medical exam if you are in any of the following situations.

You are young and healthy

As a young and healthy person, you might think that you would have no problem with a checkup, so why not go for it? True, but it may not be worth the effort either.

As a young person, you will be eligible for almost all life insurance tests without a medical exam, and thanks to your health history, you will easily pass the Basic Medical Questionnaire.

You are single

If you are not married and have no dependents, you may want to opt out of having the medical exam as your insurance coverage needs are still low, so it may not be necessary to follow a coverage plan at this time high, especially if you are not. Don't engage in risky behavior.

You need life insurance fast

With instant approval options and short lead times for simplified trouble coverage approval, life insurance without a medical checkup works great when you want to take care of your insurance needs quickly and without hassle.

It's a great option if your busy schedule rarely gives you extra time to deal with boring but necessary matters like life insurance.

Do I just have to do a medical exam?

Are there times when it makes sense to go through the full medical underwriting process?

Insurance. If any of the following criteria apply, you will likely allow full medical underwriting on your insurance application. In other words: get a medical exam.

You can wait for approval

One of the main benefits of non-medical life insurance is the short approval process. With a normal life underwriting process, it can take 30 to 60 days to get your test results, and even longer for an insurance company to review and approve your application.

But if you're not in a rush, why not wait? You will have a greater variety of insurance options if you do.

You don't want to face higher premium rates

It may not be worth making that trip to the doctor's office if you're just going to replace it at exorbitant fees. Talk to your insurance agent and get an estimate of your plan premiums before deciding whether to proceed with a medical exam.

You are very old

Also, if you are an elderly person (over 60 years old) or someone looking for more insurance coverage, you will probably need a medical exam to obtain life insurance due to the high risk situation.

Senior life insurance policies often require more stringent medical testing, but the payoff will be worth it if they allow you to get the necessary coverage at an affordable premium. However, you may be denied coverage based on your medical history.

You want a higher level of coverage

If you are going to make the effort to obtain life insurance, it may mean that you are worried about the future of your loved one. You want them to be taken care of after your death.

A higher level of coverage also makes more sense if you have a family to support. Many life insurance policies that are approved instantly and without medical checks set coverage levels at $ 50,000, some as low as $ 25,000.

If your death means a significant loss of income, particularly if you are a breadwinner or caregiver for minor children or adult dependents, then you should consider a higher level of coverage, such as $ 100,000 or more. This level of coverage will likely require a medical exam.

Do all companies have life insurance without medical exams?

No. If it is difficult for you to contact an insurance company that offers life insurance without a medical exam, consider hiring an independent insurance agent.

Independent insurance agents work with many insurance agencies, providing their clients with multiple options when it comes to choosing life insurance. They work unlike "captive" life insurance agents, who represent a single insurance company and offer a more limited product.

Deciding on life insurance without a medical exam

Choosing a life insurance plan is not as easy as it sounds. How Much Insurance Should You Get? Do you want whole life insurance or life insurance?

Then you must decide if getting a checkup will be uncomfortable for you in the short term. And if you end up skipping an exam, you could end up paying more in the long run.

But the companies we've mentioned in this article are a great place to start looking for the best life insurance without a medical exam. Or consider hiring an independent insurance agent.