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Travel Medical Insurance for Seniors: 4 Questions to Ask

If you are a resident of the United States and have relatives abroad, you may want to visit your elderly loved ones. As you plan all the sights to do with them and the meals to share, be sure to keep them safe with travel insurance designed specifically for seniors traveling to the United States. It affects your well-being. Shopping for travel medical insurance may not be the most exciting part of planning your visit, but making sure your guests enjoy a private and safe trip is essential.

So what is the best visitor insurance for people over 70? It depends on the answer to four important questions.

1. How is your general health?

When comparing visitor health insurance plans, consider the overall health of your older guests. If they are more vulnerable to illness or injury, you should buy a stronger policy plan, which may be more expensive but will provide more comprehensive coverage. While, if the traveler's overall health is stable and they don't get sick frequently, you may want to opt for a low-cost coverage plan for unexpected emergency issues like accidents or injuries.

2. What does the itinerary include?

When deciding what health insurance is right for your visitors, consider what they plan to do while visiting the United States. If the traveler is likely to stay indoors without much travel and is unlikely to participate in strenuous activities, they can choose a limited coverage plan. But a visitor who is likely to be active for most of their stay will need a comprehensive coverage policy, with a higher policy limit.

3. How long will they stay?

The longer the visit, the more important it is for the visitor to obtain travel medical insurance with a maximum policy limit. An older person coming to the United States for a week-long visit may not need the insurance guarantees that she would need to stay for a longer period of time.

4. What can you and / or your older guest bear?

For people 70 and older, the maximum policy amount is limited to $ 50,000 for comprehensive plans, and limited coverage plans cover only $ 75,000. For people over 80, the policy limit is lower. For comprehensive coverage plans, the maximum policy amount is only $ 15,000 and for limited coverage plans, it is $ 70,000. The insurance purchase premium is always higher for the elderly. You want to find the best possible coverage that fits your budget. However, remember that not having health insurance to travel to the United States can be much more expensive than obtaining coverage.

The answers to these questions will help you find the best travel insurance for your loved one. But let's define. What are the travel health insurance options for seniors? Unfortunately, many insurance companies are reluctant to give flexible policy caps and benefits to people over 70. Many travel insurance companies outside of the US refuse to issue a policy to people over 70 without a medical exam. Even US-based travel medical insurance companies that offer insurance coverage have many restrictions. In general, the older a person is, the greater the risk of illness and injury, so having good coverage is extremely important, even if it is very expensive.

But the good news is, there are great travel medical insurance options for VIP guests to the United States. There are several interesting plans on the market. 

Recommended Travel Insurance Plans for Major Travelers to the United States

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