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Learn about Al-Rajhi Takaful Car Insurance Company

Learn about Al-Rajhi Auto Takaful Insurance Company

Al-Rajhi Takaful Car is the best insurance that you can completely trust to protect yourself and your car from sudden dangers that may occur as a result of road accidents, because it is a Takaful that includes all aspects resulting from accidents such such as indemnities, auto repair, third party liability, and compensation claims.

Vehicle insurance from Al Rajhi

Al-Rajhi vehicle insurance is one of the social solidarity projects offered by the bank through Al-Rajhi Company, because no one is safe from sudden car accidents or problems that happen to them and then they need a helping hand, so we have done the vehicle insurance as follows:

  • The client presents all the documents that prove his ownership of the car, all the papers containing the car's specifications and a copy of the driver's license.
  • The client pays the amount of the insurance and the fees that follow on the dates indicated, which are very few and available to everyone.
  • The customer can request this insurance through one of the branches of Al Rajhi or from our website on the Internet.
  • This insurance is made for citizens, expatriates and even individuals who visit the Kingdom for several months, except for some cases.
  • That this insurance is renewable in case of renewal of the period of residence in the Kingdom.
  • This insurance takes care of all the charges derived from traffic accidents, such as the maintenance process, liability to third parties and others.
  • It is a takaful that can be done for more than one car for a client, subject to changes in the value of the insurance premium.

How to get Al Rajhi Car Takaful

In order to get Al Rajhi Takaful service, various procedures and steps are performed on the official website of Al Rajhi Company attached to Al Rajhi Bank, and these steps are as follows:

  • This begins with entering the official website of Al-Rajhi on the Internet.
  • Click on the list of services on the right of the page, including vehicle insurance services.
  • After that, a form appears that records all your personal identification data and all vehicle data in Arabic.
  • Once completed, click on the payment box and pay the insurance premium through your bank account on the site.
  • After completion, you scroll to the bottom of the page, cover Check, submit the request, and follow the page when you reply with the acceptance letter.

Al Rajhi Car Insurance Claim

when a car accident happens and you need a takaful from the bank. There are a series of steps and documents necessary to obtain an immediate takaful from the bank, which are the following:

  • Takaful's claim is filed by submitting a full report on the aspects of the accident to the Traffic Authority.
  • A copy of the client's transit permit must also be presented.
  • Submit a form that contains all the auto parts prices and their repair costs.
  • If the accident resulted in death cases belonging to others, the original court verdict related to the accident must be presented.
  • A request for collection must be submitted from a third party and must be signed by him personally or by his representative, and a copy of your car and its condition after the accident.

Al-Rajhi Vehicle Insurance Against Third Parties

Our insurance does not include repairing the damage to the car and returning it to normal after the accident, but there is a responsibility that is borne by our insurance, which is:

  • Present lawsuits and legal claims against third parties in case the error was theirs.
  • Claims for financial compensation for damages caused to the client.
  • Assume the financial burdens that fall on the client of others.