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Best Pet Insurance in California for 2021

Best Pet Insurance in California for 2021

From Alaskan Malamutes to Corgis, from Norwegian Forest Cats to Bengals, pets are common in California. You cannot go to the beach or hike the mountain trails without seeing a dog leading the way. You can't go into town without seeing a cat lover on his shoulder.

California is expensive too. Any resident will tell you. Sudden vet bills are the last thing a Cali family will want to deal with, making pet insurance more popular across the state. But what does pet insurance cover and how much does it cost? We are here to help you find the best pet insurance plan for you and your pet. Best Pet Insurance in California

  1. High-Quality Pet Insurance: Spot Pet Insurance
  2. Best for Training and Grooming: Embrace Pet Insurance
  3. Best for Plan Customization: Progressive
  4. Bet for Dog and Cat Coverage: Pumpkin Pet Insurance
  5. Best for Senior Pets: PetFirst

Pet Insurance California : Overview

From nature walks and surfing to luxury pet-friendly hotels, pets often lead great lives in California. Many companies also allow their employees to bring their cats and dogs to work. California also has a puppy mill ban, making this state a pet owner's paradise.

The number of households with pets. There are 286,405 dogs and 57,659 cats in California. The Golden State is also home to many owners of rabbits and other exotic pets.

The amount spent annually on pet bills. California is one of the most expensive places to have a pet, and residents spend an average of $ 1,521 on veterinary bills. Fortunately, most of these bills, if not all, can be covered by pet insurance, depending on the plan you choose.

Average annual cost of pet insurance. Where you live in California affects your pet insurance premium or how much you pay for coverage each year. San Diego is the most expensive city followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. San Diego residents pay an average of $ 684 per year for a plan with annual coverage of $ 14,000 and 80% compensation for a 3-year-old dog. The annuity is approximately $ 396 in Sacramento.

What does pet insurance usually cover?

Pet insurance is generally used for emergencies and unexpected procedures, not for checkups and shots. This means that if your cat suddenly falls off the surface and breaks a leg or if your dog is diagnosed with cancer, pet insurance helps reduce those sudden costs in such a stressful situation. An X-ray can save you between $ 200 and $ 500, while chemotherapy can cost almost $ 10,000.

These are the four pet insurance plans that most companies offer:

  • Just accident. This plan only covers unexpected injuries, such as hitting your dog in a car or having your cat obstruct the hairball.
  • Accident and illness. While this plan will cover both injuries and accidents, this plan also covers the costs of treating illnesses such as cancer or infections. Most plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Integrated wellness. This plan covers dental care, flea and tick medications, and other treatments for temporarily ill pets.

The Best Pet Insurance in California

Pets in California are living their best lives. There are countless outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and even stroller rides throughout the city. Pet owners focus on safe and healthy pet food brands and many other high-end experiences and products. Of course, all of this comes at a price.

But pet insurance can help cut unexpected costs. Here are some things to keep in mind when conducting research. We are here to help you find the best pet insurance for your partner and to help you get a quick quote.

1. High-Quality Pet Insurance: Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance is the number one pet insurance company recommended by Cesar Milan, the leading expert on canine behavior. Some of the insurance benefits:

  • Up to 90% compensation on eligible veterinary bills
  • There is no maximum age of coverage
  • Plans start at $ 1 a day *, less than a cup of coffee!

You can customize your coverage and you can even add special Spot-On coverage. Coverage options include accidents, behavior problems, dental disease, illness, preventive services, and even hereditary and congenital conditions.

Cash claims service is easy. Just visit the vet (don't forget to treat your pet when you leave!), Find the bill, and get compensated.

Take 30 seconds to get your free quote now.

2. Best for decorating expenses: Embrace

Consider an Embrace Pet Insurance plan if you want to save on a coverage package. You can adjust the discount percentage, the annual maximum and the refund percentage to arrive at a monthly payment that fits your budget.

Embrace Pet Insurance covers accidents, illnesses, examination fees, and preventive veterinary care. Training and grooming may also be covered by your plan.

Save more out-of-pocket costs over time with Embrace's decreasing deductible. With each passing year you don't file a claim, your deductible will decrease by $ 50.

Claims can be submitted by email, fax or electronically. Most policyholders get 90% of the value of their claims.

3. Pumpkin Pet Insurance - Best for Covering Dogs and Cats

Check out Pumpkin Pet Insurance for comprehensive coverage for dogs and cats. Pumpkin offers a range of conventional pet insurance as well as optional preventive care coverage. All pet insurance policies have a 90% recovery rate.

When you're ready to learn more about the policy coverage and exclusions, start with a quote form for all the details clearly illustrated in the bullets.

Pumpkin's customer service team is available to answer your questions. It can be accessed by:

  • Call 1-866-ARF-MEOW, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. at 8 p.m. ITS T.
  • Send an email to

Pumpkin's new online chat feature will be available soon!

Pets Best: Best for Wellness Coverage

Most pet insurance plans focus on the unexpected, such as surgery and treatments for sudden illnesses.

But Pets Best offers routine care coverage through their health plans, helping you pay for regularly scheduled vet visits for a small additional cost on your premium.

For dogs, this may include dental cleaning and blood tests, as well as microchipping, spaying or neutering. For cats, these could be yearly shots, FELV, and deworming.

5. PetFirst: ideal for older pets

PetFirst has a comprehensive plan for large pets, which includes coverage for the most common illnesses older pets face:

  • Deformities of the hip joint
  • darkening of the eye lens
  • Glaucoma
  • hearing loss
  • Periodontal disease

These are common problems faced by many older pets that many pet insurance companies do not cover. Some pet insurance companies don't cover seniors at all, which means that if your pet is over a certain age, they won't be able to sign up for a new policy.

This is often distressing because older animals are more vulnerable to injury and illness. PetFirst claims that larger pets can go to the vet of their choice, bill them, and process the claim in two weeks.

California, where pets come first

California is where pets thrive. There are countless rich outdoor activities. Even luxury resorts and resorts are for pets only. You can even take your friend to work. It's hard to be an unhappy pet in California. But it's a different story for owners looking at their veterinary bills because most clinics know that there is no limit to how much California residents will spend on their beloved pets.

Fortunately, pet insurance can always help with these unexpected costs, making it easy for your pet to access the proper treatment it needs, even in the most surprising situations.