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How to Find Best Auto Insurance in Texas for 2021

How to Find Best Auto Insurance in Texas for 2021

Finding the best auto insurance in Texas is easy. We compare insurance companies in the Lone Star state based on price, customer satisfaction, and more.
Finding insurance in any country can be difficult. Getting it in the greater Texas area can be a bit more expensive than most of the country. In this article, we'll dive into the rules and regulations for auto insurance in Texas.

Knowing these rules is the best way to protect yourself when buying insurance in any country! So we went straight to the source, the government websites, to gather the details you need to know.

We also look at specific insurance companies that are licensed to offer insurance in Texas. The best insurance company for you may be different from the one that works best for your neighbor.

Some companies place more importance on your driving record, and that can be bad if you have a few minor infractions. Others focus more on your age, which is not great if you are under 25.

However, we analyzed Texas database policy options, financial stability, and customer complaints from various auto insurance companies in Texas. What we came up with was a list that anyone looking for auto insurance in Texas can use.

Top Five Picks for the Best Auto Insurance in Texas

  1. National Surety Corporation - You may not have heard of this insurance company, but it is one of the best companies in Texas for complaints. It received fewer complaints than the average according to the state database. It has an A + financial rating from AM Best. On top of that, it's on the lower end of our estimated prices, at just $ 320 a year.
  2. Allstate - The largest insurance company, Allstate, has the average number of complaints filed against it in Texas. This means that most consumers are satisfied with the auto insurance company and product. It was close to our top in the comparison, too, at just $ 390 per year for primary liability coverage. Allstate also earned an A + rating from AM Best.
  3. Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Company - This name may sound unfamiliar, but it is not. It is the name of Texas Farmer Insurance. You get consumer complaints well below average. He is rated A by AM Best, and his annual liability coverage estimate came in at $ 417 a year. With flexible policy options, they may have what you are looking for.
  4. Hartford of Texas General Agency - This insurance company gets good prices, around $ 450 per year based on our offers. It also has a financial rating of A from AM Best, which means it is a financially stable company. Hartford also receives nearly half as many complaints in Texas as the regular business.
  5. Progressive County Cooperative Insurance: Progressive is known for its flashy ads and advertisements. In Texas, it is also known as customer satisfaction, as customers are about half as likely to report a complaint to the state as the average insurance company. The listing was competitively priced at $ 505 per year and the company received an A + financial rating.