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Places of tourism in Miami

Places of tourism in Miami

Miami is considered one of the cities of the United States of America, which is located in the southeastern part of the state of Florida and is the largest city in America, and some people call it the language of magic.

Miami ranks second in terms of area after Florida, with an area of ​​139 square kilometers, at a time when Miami's population is 3 million and 829 thousand people.

The United States of America relies heavily on the city of Miami to raise its economic and cultural level, and this city is considered a pioneer in many other areas.

Ten years ago from now, specifically in the year 2008, the city of Miami was ranked by some statistical sites as one of the most organized cities in the world, and a year later, Miami was registered as the richest city in the United States. United.

Tourist attractions in Miami

South Beach

South Beach is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Miami, providing a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy a unique and pioneering swimming experience.

And the south coast is called the beach of the rich because of the large number of famous people and artists who visit it.

South Beach has many restaurants that offer tourists a great deal of excellent food from Arabic and international cuisine.

South Beach also offers tourists the opportunity to go rollerblading, as well as paragliding and canoeing.

Monkey jungle

The Monkey Jungle is one of the most important tourist attractions for tourists in Miami, in particular, and it follows some strategies, including its availability on some beaches and its exploitation in some activities.

With some warm spots year-round, making tourists want to head right after arriving in Miami, and the forest is located in the south of the city on an area of ​​30 acres.

The Monkey Forest was established on October 16, 1933, and since then the forest has attracted many people interested in monkeys and other animals.

The monkey forest contains rare species of monkeys in addition to the presence of gorillas and orangutans, and these animals are placed in natural atmospheres to be able to move naturally.

Coconut Grove

The Coconut Grove is one of the oldest orchards in the world, not just in Miami, as this orchard dates back to the 19th century.

The coconut tree is an area that overlooks many seas and beaches and is full of many wonderful and elegant shops.

Coconut Grove shops showcase bohemian art through great work, and in the vicinity of the grove there are some interesting cafes that offer the opportunity to drink al fresco.

The coconut tree also gives tourists the opportunity to cycle through some of the landmarks around the orchard with the opportunity to take a commemorative photo to commemorate that immortal memory.

Jungle island

Jungle Island is one of the most beautiful attractions in Miami and is located near Watsuan Island.

Jungle Island used to be called Jungle Island before its name changed in 2007 to what is now Jungle Island.

Every year, the island attracts millions of tourists in order to see animals and birds of various classifications, in addition to the presence of African snakes and birds.

The island also includes among its folds the kasuri bird, the type that is found only in the forest and there is no other type in any other island or forest where it is cared for with great care.

Wynwood Arts District

The Wynwood Arts District is one of the most integrated art areas in the world and the reason for this is that it exhibits so many galleries on a regular and ongoing basis.

The arts district also offers a host of art installations from various countries in the world, where tourists can enjoy shopping for such art and antiques.

Arts District is surrounded by many restaurants offering a lot of Arabic and oriental food, with cafes, as well as some shops offering clothes from the most famous international brands.

We recommend that you do not miss the opportunity to take some souvenir photos to commemorate the time of visiting the area and get some souvenirs.

Bayside Market

The Bayside Market is located on one of the most important streets in the United States of America, which is a knife street, and the market includes many stores that offer everything that tourists want.

Bayside Market also has some restaurants that offer Arabic, Lebanese, Syrian and other Arabic cuisines.

Tourists can visit the market and buy many souvenirs to give to friends and family.

There is a dedicated car park at Bayside, with wheelchair rentals available to transport seniors.

Star stables

The Star Stables provide a great experience for people who come to Miami in particular, and those who come to the United States of America in general, to ride horses and have a wonderful experience.

Star Stables also allows people to rent equestrian clothing and tools to help them move and control the horse.

The Star Stables also offer highly trained trainers to teach people the ideal riding methods.

Around the stables there are some trees and wide green areas, as well as some water areas that tourists can travel on horseback.

Coral castle

Coral Castle Coral Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Miami, and was known in the past as the gate to the rock garden, which is a stone structure in the southern United States of America.

Among the features of Coral Castle is that it has many ancient sculptures, as well as an archaeological telescope, an obelisk and some miniature models of celestial planets.

The castle also offers tourists an ancient fountain and various furniture dating back to ancient times.The castle tower consists of two floors, each floor consists of 5 meters.

One of the activities that tourists do as soon as they move to Al-Murjan castle is to look at the Polaris telescope, which weighs 30 tons and points to the North Star.