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Best Auto Insurance and Cheapest Insurance Rates by Florida City


Best Auto Insurance and Cheapest Insurance Rates by Florida City

If you are looking for Florida car insurance in a major city, it is a good idea to check the rates for each, as they can vary. For example, in Miami, the lowest prices for young drivers come from Geico, while in Jacksonville, Progressive has the cheapest rates across the board.

Miami Car insurance rates

Miami is one of the most populous cities in the country, so it may come as a bit of a surprise that insurance rates aren't as high as they can be relatively. Geico and Progressive offer the best rates for young drivers. Seniors and middle-aged drivers can also get the best deals from these two companies, but Safeco and Esurance have reasonable rates for those categories in Miami as well.

Jacksonville Car insurance rates 

Jacksonville is the largest and most populous city in Florida, but prices in the city are about $ 7 above average. Progressive again offers the cheapest rates, but Esurance and Geico are not far behind. Esurance is not as well known as the other two companies, but it is Liberty Mutual with many qualities and good prices.

Tampa Car insurance rates

Tampa has some of the highest insurance rates in Florida. Again, Progressive and Geico are the cheapest insurance companies here. Safeco, Allstate, and Esurance tend to charge much more than they are worth in Tampa compared to their competitors.

Orlando Car insurance rates

Orlando is another very expensive Florida city for auto insurance. Only Progressive and Geico can offer affordable rates in all areas. The gap is also relatively large, and Esurance's closest competitor is roughly $ 100 higher than Progressive for a monthly premium.

Fort Lauderdale Car insurance rates

Fort Lauderdale is experiencing a lot of tourist activity, and that may be part of the reason why it is one of the most expensive cities in Florida for insurance quotes. It is almost impossible to get an insurance policy for less than $ 200 a month. Geico, Progressive and Esurance offer the lowest rates overall.