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Cheapest car insurance in Florida

Cheapest car insurance in Florida

Which company offers the cheapest auto insurance in Florida? USAA, Geico and State Farm had the lowest rates for the average Sunshine State driver, among airlines analyzed by experts. But no one is perfect, so don't worry if you don't fit the average driver demographics. Regardless of your circumstances, if you're looking for the cheapest auto insurance in Florida, you'll find all the information you need to get the deals you want here, without sacrificing coverage.

If you live in Florida, even if only for a few months out of the year, you must have Florida car insurance coverage in order to legally drive your car. Florida auto insurance policies differ from many other states. Florida is a "mistake-free" country - regardless of who caused the accident, each party must use their own auto insurance to cover their losses.

Cheapest car insurance in Florida

Cheap auto insurance in Florida requires little work to find, as it is the sixth most expensive state, on average, according to's rate analysis. Florida auto insurance companies have a variety of discounts and coverage options. You will need to do some research and shop. Comparing Florida auto insurance quotes is the best way to find quality, affordable coverage. You'll see from the chart below that rates vary widely among Florida auto insurers surveyed by

How Much Does Florida Auto Insurance Cost? Take a look at the following Florida car insurance rates for a safe driver with full coverage. Please note that USAA is only available to military personnel and their immediate family members.

  • USAA: $ 1,111
  • Geico: $ 1,701
  • State Ranch: $ 1,912
  • Progressive: $ 2,433
  • Allies: $ 2,768
  • Allstate: $ 3,049

Cheap liability insurance for Florida drivers

For drivers who want more than comprehensive coverage, but do not require comprehensive and collision coverage, USAA, Geico and State Farm once again take the checkered flag for the lowest average rates. The cheapest auto insurance companies with 50/100/50 liability limits and their average rates are:

  • USAA: $ 473
  • Geico: $ 752
  • State Ranch: $ 977
  • Progressive: $ 1,393
  • Allies: $ 1,537
  • Allstate: $ 1,465

Cheapest car insurance quotes for your Florida driver profile

The amount of coverage you buy and from which company is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost of insurance. We have seen that USAA, Geico, and State Farm are the cheapest carriers for the average driver (above). But not everyone is mediocre. To give you an estimate of what to expect, we provide Florida driver auto insurance quotes for common situations. Among them are motorists:

  • Accident
  • Transit taxes
  • Bad credit

Cheapest insurance for Florida drivers with accidents

State Farm, Geico and Progressive had the lowest auto insurance rates in Florida for drivers who had had a defective accident, among those surveyed by In Florida, a recent accident claim will increase your rates by an average of 35%. Although you will likely see a price increase after a property damage or bodily injury liability claim, you can still save by comparing prices, as you will see that prices vary between companies for those with accident claims.

Property damage claim or bodily injury claim

  • State farm: $ 1,703
  • Geico: $ 1,733
  • Progressive: $ 2,818
  • Allstate: $ 3,171
  • Allies: $ 3,606
  • 21st century: $ 5,241

Cheapest Florida car insurance for drivers with speeding tickets

State Farm has the lowest rate of drivers in Florida with a recent speeding violation, among operators investigated by If you get an expedited ticket, you will likely see a price increase when you renew your policy. In Florida, a minor speeding violation will increase your price by an average of 27% to 31%. Generally, you will pay more for three years. The good news? You can still save money by comparing Florida auto insurance companies. You'll notice that the difference between the highest and the lowest is more than $ 2,000, on average, based on's pricing analysis. Here's what you can save by comparing auto insurance companies.

  • State farm: $ 1,703
  • Geico: $ 2,771
  • Allstate: $ 2,836
  • 21st century Centennial : $ 3,216
  • Allies: $ 3,362
  • Progressive: $ 3762

Cheap car insurance in Florida for drivers with bad credit

State Farm is Florida's cheapest auto insurance for drivers with bad credit, among those surveyed by our experts. Auto insurance costs drivers with bad credit far more than it does for drivers with good credit. Florida is ranked 15th in the worst states for bad credit drivers, according to an analysis of data from Compared to good credit drivers, bad credit drivers in Florida pay 74% more on average. The good news is that you can still deduct some money from your coverage costs by comparing auto insurance companies. Next, you will see that the difference between the major insurance companies is around $ 2,618 for a full coverage policy for a bad credit driver. Here's what you can save by comparing auto insurance quotes.

  • State Farm: $ 2,704
  • Geico: $ 3,182
  • 21st century Centennial : $ 3,348
  • Allies: $ 3,794
  • Allstate: $ 5,206
  • Progressive: $ 5,322

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida for Minimum Coverage

USAA and Gecio had the lowest average score for minimum liability limits, or the least amount of coverage you need to drive legally. For Florida drivers with a clean record of buying state-mandated liability, the cheapest and average rates are:

  • USAA: $ 358
  • Geico: $ 540
  • State farm: $ 789
  • Progressive: $ 1151
  • Allies: $ 1,122
  • Allstate: $ 1,008

Minimum coverage is not recommended as it is generally not enough to pay for minor accidents, making you responsible for paying the balance of medical and repair bills. However, if you have an old car that is not worth much and there are no savings or assets, the minimum government liability coverage will suffice.