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Inquire about vehicle insurance in Absher

Inquire about vehicle insurance in Absher

Technical advances in the field of the Internet and mobile phones and the applications associated with them have greatly facilitated access to services for citizens and residents in saudi arabia. Therefore, it has become necessary for organizations to be able to provide applications that help the user to easily and quickly access the required service. Providing this helps organizations to connect more closely with users and better understand their needs. For this reason, the Ministry of the Interior kindly provided some of its services electronically, including the consultation service on vehicle insurance in the Ministry of the Interior systems.

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The first method:

ask about the existence of insurance or not (it is not necessary to enter the Absher system)
  1. visit the following link on the website of the Ministry of the Interior
  2. Complete the form by entering the car owner's national identification number / Iqama and the car license plate information.

The second method:

check the insurance details (it is necessary to enter the Absher system)
  1. Log into your account at "Absher".
  2.  Hover over (1) Inquire about a vehicle insurance policy, then (2) Choose "Traffic" and then (3) Click "Inquire about a vehicle insurance policy".
  3. a list of the cars you own will appear, select the car you want, and then click the "View insurance policy data" button.

The third step: 

A list of the insurance documents related to this car will appear



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