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5 facts about luxury life in Dubai that turned out to be flase

There are a lot of rumors and many stereotypes about the luxurious capital. There are sheikhs of millionaires, piles of gold and diamonds, elegant yachts, leopards instead of cats, as well as oil wells in every yard and hundreds of harems within a mile radius.


5 facts about luxury life in Dubai that turned out to be flase


firstpost collected 5 fake photos that are spreading in the UAE.

1. Dubai is the capital of billionaires

There are around 5,000 American billionaires in the world, and only about 20 of them live in Dubai (in addition to many "shy" millionaires). In fact, the billionaire capital of the world is Beijing and New York ranks second.

2. There is no poverty in Dubai

Taking immigrants into account, we can say that there are really a lot of poor people here. The worker's salary is $ 200 to $ 350. The cheapest mobile calling package costs around $ 30. Life is expensive here and many people live in small rooms with other people (the usual number of people in a room is of 5).

3. Dubai is an ideal place to raise children

Most immigrants leave their children in their home countries because they cannot afford their education. A public school costs $ 100,000 for 11 years, while a college degree costs an arm and a leg. In addition, the extremely hot climate is not conducive to the development of the child, since children spend most of their time in an air-conditioned room.

4. Dubai is a country

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates, but it is not the capital (this is Abu Dhabi). There are 7 emirates in the Emirates with different sheikhs. However, Dubai is a densely populated emirate.

5. There is no unemployment in Dubai

It's very simple: expatriates who do not have work visas are deported back to their country within 30 days. Local people can change jobs easily because getting a higher education at any university in the world is free for them (paid for by the UAE government).