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Getting health insurance in Saudi Arabia 2021

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Get health insurance in Saudi Arabia

Moving to the kingdom? Make sure you and your family cover all possibilities by getting health insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Moving to the kingdom? Make sure you and your family cover all possibilities by getting health insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Moving abroad can be stressful enough without having to worry about your health care needs. Health insurance in Saudi Arabia is mandatory, widely accessible, and fairly straightforward. So, take comfort in reading about health insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Our guide will walk you through everything you need to know about health insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Health insurance system in Saudi Arabia

Health insurance in Saudi Arabia was free for both expats and locals. However, the government decided that the costs had become unsustainable and changed the rules. It is now free for Saudi citizens only.

Since public health care no longer covers foreigners, expats must have proof of insurance to get their residence permit approved. The provision of medical care is quite widespread throughout the kingdom, including public, private and military hospitals. However, most expats generally use only private clinics and hospitals.

Who needs health insurance in Saudi Arabia

Everyone who lives in Saudi Arabia needs health insurance. This includes employers, employees, and spouses, as well as all members of the employees' families. It also includes any foreigner who decides to move to Saudi Arabia. In fact, expats will not be able to obtain a work or residence permit without proof of insurance.

Public health insurance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

All Saudi citizens enjoy free public health insurance. This gives them access to comprehensive care, including hospitals, clinics, and outpatient services. It also includes dentists, pharmacies, and rehabilitation centers. However, expats in the Kingdom cannot access these services.

Private health insurance in Saudi Arabia

As an expat, you must have private health insurance if you want to live and work in Saudi Arabia. Your employer will include health insurance as part of your benefits package. However, what your insurance premium will cover can vary. So be sure to check your policy with a fine tooth comb.

Consider the health coverage you really need. Does it include dental work? What maternity expenses are covered? What are your copays?

What hospitals and clinics can you visit? These are all things you should also consider, keep in mind that insurance policies can vary greatly in price. This means that some of the more affordable hospitals and clinics may not be acceptable to the larger, popular, or reputable hospitals and clinics.

Advantages of obtaining health insurance in Saudi Arabia

The good news is that even if your employer's insurance is inadequate for your needs, you can always complete it. This means you can buy additional special coverage for things like chiropractic treatments or a stipend for contact lenses. In fact, you may even be able to negotiate additional private insurance in your benefits package.

Looking for additional private insurance can provide some important benefits. This could include access to the best facilities in the kingdom or high-quality dental care.

You can even find insurance that offers emergency evacuation if there are political unrest. So, take some time to consider what you and your family need and check to see if your employer's insurance meets them. If not, start looking for additional insurance.


How does private health insurance work in Saudi Arabia?

Generally, employer-provided health insurance operates on a copayment system. This means that even with insurance, you will probably have to pay something for treatment or care. Triple check your insurance policy to see what you are responsible for and under what circumstances.

Keep in mind that many employers' insurance may only provide basic care. Therefore, your copays, or out-of-pocket payments for specialty treatments, can be high. However, premiums in the kingdom are competitive, with plans available for less than $ 2,000 per year.

How to choose a health insurance provider

As an expat, your employer will likely provide you with insurance. However, this means that you won't have many options for your insurance provider to use for your basic coverage. Although you may be able to negotiate a different insurance package with your company that best suits your needs.

However, if you want to increase your private insurance premium, be sure to shop for the best deal. Make sure you find one that meets all of your medical needs and those of your family.

Health insurance expenses and reimbursement

Premium costs depend on the individual. For example, factors like your health, how often you seek medical care, and the strength of your insurance policy will mean different prices. Even though expats use the copay system, things like drugs are heavily subsidized. This means that you may end up spending less than expected.

To get a better idea of ​​what you will pay, see what additional private insurance (if any) your employer actually provides you. This way, you will be able to estimate your costs more accurately.

Low-income or unemployed health insurance

All Saudi citizens receive free public health care, regardless of their employment status. However, for expats, things are a bit different. That's because everything is connected to the hardworking person in your family.

Your employer must provide proof of your employment and your health insurance package to obtain a residence permit. So your spouse and dependents are included in your insurance package. If your employer fires you, you automatically lose your health insurance and your right to stay in the country. You and any of your dependents must leave the kingdom.

Domestic workers, who are often low-income expatriates, are exempt from mandatory health insurance. Instead, caregivers are responsible for their own health-related expenses, either by enrolling them in a health center or by paying for treatments out of their own pocket.

Health insurance companies in Saudi Arabia

  • Cooperative health insurance companies.
  • Arabic shield insurance.
  • United Group Cooperative Insurance Company.
  • Walaa Insurance Cooperative Company.
  • Cooperativa General del Golfo Insurance Company.
  • Cooperative Insurance Company AXA.
  • Cooperativa de Seguros Sindical.