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Best Digital Currencys to Invest

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Best Digital Currencies for investment An important investigation that includes hundreds of newly launched cryptocurrencies in the technical space for electronic commerce within virtual money markets, and with the widespread use of encrypted digital currencies in electronic stores and their inclusion within electronic payment methods available. In e-marketplaces, firstpost will shed light on the best of these digital currencies for trading and investing.

Digital currencys

Digital currency is defined as an electronically encrypted decentralized currency that uses updated Blockchain technology in the trading of funds and shares to eliminate the importance of the third party represented by the central banks that constitute the first watchdog of commercial operations in real markets. A decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin, which is the highest price and most popular cryptocurrency today. With over 7,000 cryptocurrencies appearing on the forex market today, cryptocurrencies that have a large market capitalization are the ones worth trading.

Best Digital currencys to invest

popularity of Digital Currencies is increasing rapidly due to the profitability factor that digital currencies enjoy for new or veteran investors who want to invest in the digital currency market, and according to the market value of digital currencies, they can be determined the best digital currencies to invest. as follows:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Queen of Binance
  • Lite Queen.


Each cryptocurrency will be previously explained separately and in detail below.


Bitcoin is one of the best digital currencies to invest in and it is the preferred option for investors in the cryptocurrency market, as it represents 52% of the market value of cryptocurrencies. This currency was created by a person or group of people under the name of Satocho Nakamoto and the price of Bitcoin has multiplied thousands of times over the years to reach more than 41,000 USD today. Experts predict that the price of Bitcoin could exceed $ 100,000 by the end of 2021.

Characteristics of the Bitcoin currency

Investing in Bitcoin has attracted investors in particular due to the following features and benefits:

  • possibility of achieving high returns and profits.
  • Protect investors from unfair and improper operations.possibility of making instant and international transactions.
  • possibility of carrying out transactions with total freedom and at any time.
  • possibility of carrying out financial transactions without revealing the personal identity of the investor.
  • maximum number of bitcoins is 21 million cryptocurrencies.

Cons of Bitcoin

Investors in the cryptocurrency trading market identified the downsides of Bitcoin on the following points:

  • Bitcoin prices tend to fluctuate and change rapidly.
  • Investing in bitcoin is unregulated due to a lack of regulatory oversight.
  • Bitcoin is vulnerable to technical or human error.
  • Bitcoin is not compliant with consumer protection laws.


Ethereum coin is considered one of the best digital currencies to invest in the cryptocurrency trading market, as its market value occupied 27% of the cryptocurrency market and the Ethereum coin price today surpassed more than 2400 USD in the trading market. Ethereum currency also uses smart contract technology that facilitates the conclusion of contracts on the Internet to ensure secure communication between investors.

Ethereum coin features

The Ethereum cryptocurrency in the commercial market has the following characteristics:

  • possibility of carrying out transactions and transactions without central banks or a third party.
  • Supports smart contract technology found in BLOCKCHAIN ​​apps.
  • Attracting many of the world's leading companies.
  • Possess a large number of active developers around the world.
  • It is considered one of the safest cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of Ethereum

The negative aspects of Ethereum in the cryptocurrency trading market were identified by experts and investors in the following points:

  • Using a difficult programming language that makes it difficult for beginners to learn.
  • High buying and selling fees.
  • transaction upload process is time consuming.
  •  risk of investing in Ethereum as a result of currency fluctuations.


Binance Binance Coin

Binance Coin is considered one of the best digital currencies for investment that was launched in 2017 and was able to demonstrate its ability to compete with the most famous coins in the world, as its price today reached more than 300 USD. Binance investors can buy and sell Binance coins, as well as a wide range of other coins, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Binance Coin Features

The advantages of Binance Coin can be determined by the following points:
  • possibility of using it to pay on the websites of electronics stores.
  • possibility of trading digital currencies with low fees.
  • ability to trade more than 50 digital currencies on the Binance platform.
  • Offering many discounts and incentives to merchants.
  • Increase the market value of the currency by burning a certain amount annually.
  • It allows investors to process quickly when transacting on the platform.

Cons of Binance Coin

The cons of investing in Binance Coin can be identified by the following points:

  • discounts offered by the platform decrease over time.
  • possibility of the Binance platform being hacked, affecting trading and profits.
  • Currency trading on the platform does not support smart contract technology.


Litecoin is one of the best digital currencies for investment that was launched in 2011, based on Bitcoin, so it is closely related to it. Litecoin can be used to buy and sell online and is an ideal option for investors looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and cannot afford to invest in expensive Bitcoin.

Litecoin Features

Litecoin has the following characteristics:

  • Continue to improve the digital currency with a professional and trustworthy development team.
  • Adopt peer-to-peer technology that helps accelerate transactions between investors.
  • ability to trade Litecoin with low fees.
  • maximum number of Litecoins is 48 million cryptocurrencies.

Cons of Litecoin

Litecoin faces a number of difficulties in the trading market, and all of its causes have been identified as a result of each of the following shortcomings and negatives:

  • Litecoin is considered a duplicate of Bitcoin and therefore loses its trademark.
  • Use of Litecoin on the web black market.
  • Loss of investor confidence as a result of a developer selling his stake in Litecoin.
  • High volatility in the price of Litecoin in the cryptocurrency markets.

How to invest in Digital Currencies

Clients who wish to enter the digital currency trading market can invest in all types of currencies listed on the investment market by following the steps below:

  • Opening an investment account at the bank: Those who wish to trade digital currencies must open an investment account at the bank and link it to an investment portfolio that acts as a digital wallet for long-term digital currencies.
  •  Allocation of a small part of the portfolio to cryptocurrencies: It is recommended to allocate 5% to 10% of the value of the investment portfolio for cryptocurrency trading due to the similarity of its trading mechanism with gold and silver and the long period of time required to increase its value and make a profit.
  • Choosing the encrypted currency for investment: The client requires a long study of the feasibility of investing in a certain type of digital currency with hundreds of them in the commercial market, taking into account that hundreds of currencies have appeared and disappeared since the beginning of the digital currency revolution more than a century ago.
  • Determination of the investment platform: it is one of the most important factors that determine the success or failure of the cryptocurrency investment process. The Binance platform is the most popular Arab platform for trading due to the low trading fees and discounts on the platform.
  • Storage of the encrypted currency for investment: after buying a certain amount of digital currencies and storing them in the client's electronic wallet, the client receives a private and public digital key to easily access their digital currency in the blockchain system, which is called the matching system through the blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrency protection: By using VPN software such as NordVPN that can be downloaded "Here", customers can keep cryptocurrency encryption secure and customers can use the ExpressVPN virtual network "Here" to protect their business accounts and add an extra layer of security to cryptocurrencies.

Cheap Digital Currencys have a future in 2021

  • Investors in the digital currency market turn to trading some cheap currencies as economists believe that they will be strong currencies in the near future.A list of the best cheap digital currencies can be identified as follows:

  1. Dogecoin coin.
  2. Cardano coin.
  3.  Star coin.