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What are the Smart Shopping Branches

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What are smart shopping branches? A frequently asked question, and it will be the title of this article, and it is known that smart shopping is the process of detecting goods and merchandise without contact. The smart shopping system includes modern shopping carts.

Smart Shopping Branches

Smart Shopping Branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Riyadh 3697 Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Street Al Olaya Riyadh 11564.

Smart Shopping Tools

After explaining the smart shopping branches in the first paragraph of this article, the smart shopping tools will be explained as follows:

  • The writing technology system for the smart purchasing process: it is a system that takes on the task of reading the UHF antennas that have been set in the merchandise shelving rules to detect stocks and types of merchandise, and can also identify the validity of these products easily and automatically, where there is an intelligent management system for the products, the intelligent purchase writing technology system can also know the shortage of products and organize the products as well.
  • MEA Smart Shopping Carts - These carts are equipped with GT 26 Smart Shopping Carts, MEA Smart Shopping Carts, and GT26 Smart Shopping Carts, these two components combine to achieve the perfect smart shopping process and provide customer convenience from the payment up to customers. 'Door-to-door, MEA's smart shopping carts are equipped with three GT 26-type shopping baskets. They also have additional cargo space on the floor net and on the handle for convenience for shoppers. MEA's smart shopping carts were developed by Wanzl and the Future Stores initiative of the Metro group of companies.
  • Scanning tunnel: Smart shopping scanning technology is based on the latest UHF antennas, where the scanning process takes place in just a few seconds, through which more than 100 items are registered on the shelves of the new carts Smart shopping, thus eliminating long waiting queues and waste of time and effort.
  • Payment terminal for the smart purchase process: the data of the pre-registered products is received automatically, and the registration process is done through a network called LAN, and this network is specialized in the scanning tunnel, and the process of Payment is through the card, so that the purchase process is distinctive and convenient for all customers and is carried out with ease and ease.
  • eGATE for smart shopping process: Wanzl's eGate for smart shopping, which is connected to the LAN, is activated after successful card payment, then the door opens automatically for the customer to pass, in case tampering with the system Smart Shopping's automated payment gateway is immediately informed.

Smart Shopping Benefits

In the last paragraph of the article What are the branches of smart buying, one of the most important benefits of the smart buying process that the customer benefits from are the following:

  • Know all the details of the merchandise with ease and ease, such as prices, components, specifications and nicknames, and get the most suitable opportunity for the customer to choose between the merchandise.
  • Not wasting time and effort also in looking for merchandise and comparing them, and getting into a maze between different aisles of merchandise, as in traditional purchases.
  • Buy products at a much lower price, because stores are eager to attract more customers and buyers, so they always strive to reduce prices.
  • Smart shopping provides all the ways that bring convenience to the customer, including the most important of which is the delivery of products to the customer at the door of the house. Smart shopping has become one of the most influential and widespread methods in the world trade sector.

What are smart shopping branches? A question that has been answered in this article, since the smart shopping tools are explained in some detail, and in conclusion some of their benefits are mentioned.



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